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We train to improve the relationship between humans and dogs.

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Social Responsibility

This skill set is composed of 3 basic parts:

1. Loose Leash Walk: a dog can show a respect for the leash as a boundary and avoid leash tangles, preferable without the use of obedience.

2. Obedience: the handler and dog show they can work together through verbal commands that include middle position with movements, a down stay with distractions and where handler approaches another dog and handler moving out of sight, and a recall to front position with movements. Handler may also be asked to adjust the collar and clip and unclip the leash.

3. Liberty: the dog can show that they have basic barbecue skills meaning they can navigate a space calmly free of commands without jumping on people or things and without putting anything in their mouth.

Some teams like to work on the skills because they are helpful with life, and others so they can pass the SR Test in GRC Dog Sports.

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GRC Consists of 3 basic sports:

1. Mill Race: the dog runs on a slat mill for 2 minutes while revolutions are counted to see how fast they can go.

2. Weight Pull: the dog pulls a drag sled, competing against other dogs in its weight group to see who can pull the highest percentage of their body weight.

3. Spring Pole: a tug toy is suspended from above and the dog bites it and shows persistence in holding on to it.

4. Wall Climb: the dog runs vertically up a wall to grab a toy. Dogs compete to see which can get the highest.

All sports include some level of obedience control. What and how much depends on the level.

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