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Our goal is to help dogs live longer, healthier, and happier lives with their owners through obedience, behavioral rehab, and canine fitness training! 

What Will My Dog’s Day Look Like?

Your puppy or dog will spend their days out on training and/or socialization field trips and overnight at my home! They’ll enjoy daily training walks around the neighborhood, hikes and swims over at Lory State Park (weather permitting!), and training field trips to local parks or dog friendly stores depending on what’s on your training wish list.


What Kind Of Training Can My Puppy Or Dog Work On In A Board and Train?

Literally anything! These programs are designed to help you and your dog meet your individual training goals, whatever that may be.

  • Basic commands - Sits, Downs, Wait/Stay, Place, etc!

  • Leash Manners + Loose Leash Walking command

  • Reliable recalls, no matter what!

  • Manners that hold up everywhere

  • Canine fitness programs

  • Socialization for both puppy and adult dogs

  • Brewery/Patio restaurant manners and skills 

  • Trail Manners

  • Confidence building for nervous/shy/fearful dogs

  • Behavioral rehab for issues like reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety, and more! 


What’s Included?

  • Drop Off Lesson where I meet you and your dog and go over your training wish list for their time with me.

  • Daily picture and videos updates of your dog’s training. You read that right, every single day you will get pictures and video updates of your dog and their training progress! 

  • Go Home Lesson: at the end of your dog’s stay with me, we'll schedule a private session to teach YOU what your dog has learned, as well as how to continue to progress the training at home. We’ll also discuss training options for continued progress!

**Your puppy or dog HAS TO be crate trained or working on crate training in order to attend a board and train program**

Once your dog has already attended a board and train, or you've done group classes or private lessons with us, we do offer Student Boarding which still includes daily training but is not as intensive for when you may need to travel for work or vacation! :)

If you're interested in chatting more about the board and train programs please reach out via phone/email! 


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