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Our goal is to help dogs live longer, healthier, and happier lives with their owners through obedience, behavioral rehab, and canine fitness training! 

A popular alternative to the traditional board and train program where your puppy or dog goes and lives with a trainer is a "home school" type of day training. 

In our version of this program (while also completely customizable to your individual training goals) I come and pick up your puppy or dog once a day Monday-Friday to head out for training sessions. On these 1-2 hour training field trips we rotate through different locations through out the week. We can stay at your home to work on household manners and life skills like doorway protocols, a place command, tethering, counter surfing, barking out the window, etc. We can go to my training space to work on canine fitness or teaching beginner obedience in a less distracting environment, we can go to the park to work on loose leash walking skills or reactivity issues, we can work on socialization by going to dog friendly stores like Lowe's or Old Town, we can go hiking and work on their trail manners, the options are endless! 

You'll get daily updates via pictures and videos of your dog's training sessions, and at the end of each week we'll do a lesson together and you'll get homework to continue to work on at home with your dog.

Pricing for this program varies on drive time, and availability depends. Please reach out via phone/email to learn more about this program!


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