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Class Overview: Each week the classes will follow “themes”: Biological Fulfillment, Dog of The World, Training Skills, and Park Activities. There will then be a rotation of different class topics within each theme, designed to help cover a variety of training and life skills your dog needs to thrive!

Curious about how to build your own training pathway? 


Rotating Options: Our schedule of drop in style classes is designed around themes so you can drop in occasionally, build your own pathway for the perfect long-term course, and meet your specific and unique needs as a dog-human partnership.

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A lab puppy sits on a park bench with flowers behind, open mouthed, looking at the camera.
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Biological Fulfillment

(sports, play, fitness, impulse control)

Life Skills

(novelty, dogs and kids, field trips, life skills, all in the name of *properly* socializing your dog)

Training Skills

(puppy class, leash manners, obedience, proofing, tricks)


Park Activities

(GRC Try It Days, trail manners, recall games, pack walks, field games)



Canine Fitness

Canine fitness training is one of the most important, but unfortunately usually missing pieces, from SO many dogs daily lives! If we want our dogs to be happy and well rounded companions for our families, we need to train their brains AND bodies!


Canine fitness training will benefit dogs of all ages, sizes and skill levels! It will help teach puppies proprioception and prevent future injuries, sport or working dogs to become even better competitors, confidence building for nervous/shy dogs, helping older dogs age gracefully, the application of this training can truly benefit every dog!

This drop in class is a great place to come challenge your dog, and to learn how to create your own fitness circuit at home!

Scent Games

The training games and skills you’ll learn in these classes have so many advantages both for dog and human! Dogs noses are one of their most well-developed senses and allowing them to use that nose provides them an excellent outlet. Even better, people who engage in scent games with their dogs develop a stronger ability to read their dog and build enhanced communication as a team. This drop in class is not for competition. It is a fun way to fulfill your dog’s natural and biological desire to hunt!

Impulse Control Games

This class is for the dogs who need some extra help working on their arousal/excitement levels in a variety of different scenarios. We’ll use play as an opportunity to get the dogs in an excited state of mind, then work on how to best teach them to still be able to use their brains and listen, but also genuinely calm themselves back down again when needed!

A dark french bulldog mix leaps over a jump away from the camera.

GRC Games

These classes are designed to prep your dog to compete (or just enjoy!) GRC dog sports and build a better relationship and communication with your dog. We’ll cover 3 of the 4 GRC drive sports including slat mill, spring pole, and weight pull. These drive sports provide outlets for your dog to run, bite, jump, and pull, all while engaging in some obedience control when appropriate to help you build a dog who can have fun and control themselves when needed too. This class is a great confidence building opportunity!



This class will help to expose your dog to new and novel things, with the goal of them having a calm and confident response, instead of nervous or fearful when presented with new experiences!

Field Trips + Patio Manners

This class will meet at different parks, dog friendly stores, breweries/patios, and dog friendly events in the community to help practice the dog’s obedience and life skills in new and exciting environments!

Kids and Dogs

This class is perfect for dogs who need to practice neutral behavior around kids, or if you have ever wondered whether or not your dog likes or wants to interact with kids. We’ll go over what body language signals your dog is giving and what they mean! We’ll discuss and practice an appropriate greeting for a dog that *wants* to say hi to a kid, with a kid who also wants to say hello! No dogs or kids will be expected to interact with each other if they do not want to, learning the body language and how to practice neutral responses will be the main goals of this class!

Grooming + Handling

This class will cover basic handling and skills needed for grooming, vet visits, and more! For dogs who want to learn muzzle training we will cover that in this class as well. Great for puppies, nervous/shy dogs, or any dog with issues with handling, restraint, etc!

A woman sits at a patio table with a black dog laying at her feet in a public space.
A woman looks down at a happy blue bull breed dog who sits between her legs



This class will cover a variety of different obedience, life skills, and manners to help you raise a well rounded puppy, without loosing your sanity in the process ;) We’ll cover potty training, crate training, mouthing/biting, jumping, leash skills, not grabbing items off the ground, recalls, demand barking, obedience foundations, and more!

Tricks for Fun

Each class we'll pick a few different tricks to teach your dog like Spin, Roll Over, Sit Pretty, Touch, Play Dead, Bring (their leash, an object, a beverage of choice!), Crawl, High Five, and more! This class is super low pressure but lots of fun!!! We'll cover different teaching methods like luring vs shaping, and problem solve how to choose which method is best not only for your individual dog but also for the trick you're trying to teach! Having other skills besides obedience commands to practice with your dog to tire them out mentally is so important!

Leash Games

Anything and everything you need to know about how to walk your dog politely on leash! Goal for this class is for you and your dog to learn how to use the leash as a communication tool, not a restraint device! From there we'll build on leash manners or a loose leash walking command depending on your training goals.

Obedience Games

We’ll cover both how to teach AND proof (make sure they’re real world reliable) your obedience commands like sit, down, wait/stay, place, recalls, leave it, and more!

A dalmation lays with tongue out on a brick patio


GRC Try-It Days

A GRC Try-It day rotates through 3 elements of GRC Dog Sports: Social Responsibility skills, weight pull, and spring pole. For these events we meet in a park, practicing either SR skills (loose leash, obedience, or liberty - we rotate), weight pull, or spring pole. If you have a dog who would love to try out their sporty side, this is a great class for you.

Recall Games

This class will meet at a park to work on proofing your recall skills. We’ll utilize long lines to work on distance, the park environment and class mates to work on distractions, and continuing to make sure your recall is absolutely bomb proof!

Pack Walks

Pack walks are great for those dog + human teams that are looking to work on their dog’s state of mind in a variety of different public environments. This class is open to reactive, confidence building, and any dogs needing to practice calm and neutral responses to other dogs, people, and environments. This is great class to also start to develop your neighborhood walk skills.

Field Games

Each class we'll pick a few different training games to play in a public park. This is your opportunity to engage in some fun training challenges against other teams and also to work on training AND playing with your dog in public. The goal is for all involved to have fun and to challenge their training against some new and maybe unusual challenges.

Woman walking a black dog on a trail
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